Private Sector

We closely track the exponential technologies and the social innovations that are most disruptive to traditional businesses. Our business clients come from diverse industries and world regions. They engage us to create customized workshops where we discuss strategy and innovations with senior leadership. In particular, we help businesses who wish to deepen their positive global impact and businesses that are looking to operate in vulnerable and low-resource settings. Our inputs help businesses to leverage tailwinds that typically benefit public and social sector actors.

Public and Social Sector

We have deep experience advising government and guiding on innovations strategy with non-profits and NGOs of every size. We start by identifying existing strengths and successes of these clients and exploring how emerging technologies could amplify their impact and lower their cost of scale. We are expert at building the capacity of educators and trainers via the development and application of web and mobile technologies and can help governments and NGOs to find the points of greatest leverage in their programming.

Contact Us

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