Our high-impact projects are possible because of the strength of our partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders from the public, private and non-profit sectors. We leverage exponential technologies, particularly ICT, to help digitize and scale innovations in education, health, gender, poverty alleviation and the environment.

Here’s a brief look at some of our current and past projects. For more information, check out our blog or get in touch at info@codeinnovation.com.

Current Projects

Self Help Group Digital Platform

The SHG model takes a cross-cutting approach to improved health and social and economic empowerment, creating far-reaching social and economic benefits based on the strength of connection between members. We partnered to digitize the SHG model on a mobile platform and are actively scaling the model with global partners.

Rape Crisis Counseling App

We are creating a resource that digitizes the training that rape crisis counselors receive to become volunteer emergency room advocates for sexual violence survivors. A coalition of U.S. rape crisis centers, gender-based violence experts and women’s rights defenders and non-profits are partnering with Code to adapt and create the content so that it’s relevant and applicable for the international community. A network of experts and non-profits eager to use the free, Creative Commons resource in their own communities will translate the content into Arabic, Farsi, French and Spanish.

Trauma Healing in Post-Conflict Communities

We’re working to create a digital guide for an existing group protocol pioneered in post-conflict countries in West Africa that reduces the physiological symptoms of trauma by half — without counseling or drugs. This method is currently being validated at research universities and will soon offer a cost-effective, low-barrier way to bring culturally-appropriate mental health care to communities affected by conflict.

Past Projects

Connecting Classrooms

One of the very first programs to come out of UNICEF’s award-winning Innovation Unit was the Connecting Classrooms initiative, an effort to bring school students into collaborative learning experiences with one another on an open source wiki-style web platform. For nearly five years, Code Innovation directed the strategy of this initiative which included thousands of students across more than a dozen countries speaking four different languages. We designed everything from the site architecture to the program strategy and our approach to monitoring and evaluation. The initiative took root especially in East Africa and was ultimately mainstreamed into the global, digital communications strategy for youth.

About Ebola Mobile App

In April 2014, we launched a free “About Ebola” mobile application to support public health outreach and communication efforts to educate the public about Ebola viral disease. The app was translated into four African languages, English and French, and was downloaded by more than 12,000 smartphone users in West Africa in the later months of 2014, at the height of the epidemic.

E-Mentoring in US Low-Income Public Schools

Online mentoring depends upon a clear set of activities and an intuitive user interface. We provided leadership on the instructional design and program architecture for the world’s leading online mentoring organization, icouldbe.org in NYC. This involved authoring curricula and guiding strategy on improvements to the tech platform, as well as inputs on protocols for monitoring and evaluation. During the time that we measured and improved upon their programming, we successfully demonstrated the impact of online mentoring, leading to publication here.

Contact Us

To get in touch about our work with organizations and impact-focused companies, or learn more about our global impact projects, contact us at info@codeinnovation.com.