Curricular and Instructional Design
We specialize in creating engaging, participatory and relevant curricular and instructional design. Our work with e-mentoring pioneer on curricular development and instructional design for its U.S.-based community of at-risk youth in low-resource government schools continues to connect thousands of young people with engaging and relevant adult mentors to help shape positive futures.
Design for Community Resilience
Permaculture and other social and ecological design technologies give us the tools we need to make a global shift towards developing local resilience. Our projects in West Africa work with drylands and tropical communities to improve quality of life through simple local innovations.
Mobile Microcredit

Mobile Microcredit

We partnered with One Hen International to create a mobile app that seeds self-sustaining and self-replicating microcredit groups that lift groups and their communities out of poverty, and are now scaling this open source approach in three continents.
Education Systems Strengthening
We deliver needs assessments of existing projects and programs, recommending how locally-driven innovations can be used to improve service delivery and educational outcomes, especially in low-resource environments.
Online Learning
We have over a decade of experience designing and optimizing online learning environments to work in challenging places. Connecting Classrooms, our online education program that brought together over 3,000 students from resource-poor classrooms in over 20 countries, including Liberia, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Madagascar, was institutionalized into UNICEF's Voices of Youth platform in 2013.

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